Friday, July 9, 2010

A Different Slice Of Fruit

You may have an over abundance of fruit right now.It may be getting to you too. After all how many strawberries can you eat without getting rashes? Or blueberries without staining your teeth purple. This s the season for all sorts of harvests. yet that over abundance might get too cloying after awhile its time to give your fruit a new slice in life.

One of the best ideas is to infuse fruit into vinegars These make for lovely and sweet vinaigrette's . Crush strawberries, blueberries or even peaches and mix them with red wine vinegar (you may try an apple cider based one for the peaches.Leave in overnight and then mix with oil the next day. The flavor will even make ordinary Bibb lettuce and tomatoes taste extra special. Add some toasted almonds and broccoli florets for added crunch and flavor.

Another idea for extra fruit is mixing it into either whipped cream or sour for nice topping for pound and angel food cakes. You can also blend fresh fruit into plain yogurt and then serve as a topping. Slicing up fruit and grilling it for sides to chicken an d beef are another novel idea for dealing with over enthusiastic buying.

Don't be tired of the plain fruit you have around the kitchen. Use the extra to create memorable dressings or toppings.It's not only economical but fun.

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