Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Easy, Cheap Cooking

Now that it's the height of summer and the height of the recession it's time we start changing our eating habits. We want something tasty and good We don't want to be chained to the kitchen . We also don't want to break what's left of our banks either. What to do ?

Rely on easy and cheap cooking. First of all stick to your grocery . It may be tempting to hit some of your local farms and farmer's markets but watch out. I've found that both here in New Jersey are higher in cost than my local A&P. All that freshly picked corn and tomatoes may look yummy but you re bound to pay a few extra bucks for them. Go to your local store and also check out sales too. Also sub in one kind if fruit , like the inexpensive peach for the more pricier bing cherry. (unless there's a sale).Think about what you want to make. Salads are easy. Just avoid the salad bar and pick up a bag of the less costly mixed greens. Add tuna or grill your own chicken for it as opposed to getting the inhouse fancier mixed Cobb or chef's salads.

Another place to shop is Costco or BJ's here you can save on burgers and dogs. Also look to your local Wal-Mart or Target for sales on frozen dinners and deli meats. Choose wisely on these , because they can be overloaded with sodium or fat. Try to get something from the Weight Watchers or Healthy Choice lines. You can microwave a tasty but low calorie dish along while saving money on it. Another easy choice is Ramen soup which is every dorm student's staple. Don't underestimate these. They make a good alternative to a brown bag lunch or a quick Sunday supper.

This is the time and the season to go easy on your kitchen and your wallet. Keep your food bill down to a bare minimum along with your cooking time. You'll feel better by havingmore money and less hassle in the kitchen.

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