Monday, April 13, 2009

What To Do About Easter Leftovers

Now that the eggs have been hunted and the chocolate bunnies are sans ears, it's time to think about what to do with the leftovers from yesterday's holiday meal. Your fridge's shelves are probably groaning with the leftover ham , lamb and asparagus. The thing is these are great foods that can be transformed into some tasty dishes.

Ham leftovers are the easiest to deal with after a big feast. You can grind it up with a little oil and create fresh deviled ham. This is perfect on sandwiches or even on crackers for a evening snack. You can also chop it up , mix in some celery , onion and mayo and have a nice chunky salad to go with rye bread. Ham is also good with eggs. Fry some up with eggs for a hearty breakfast or lunch. Mince it for Western omelets.Lamb is a bit trickier. Most people just reheat it and eat it the way they did on Easter. However you cam cube it and then add curry along with veggies for a tasty twist on an Indian classic. You can also make it into a casserole using lamb gravy along with white or wild rice. You can also cut it into cubes and microwave it as kabobs.

Like, ham asparagus can have a few reincarnations. If you had served it just boiled, then you can have it cold the second time around with a vinaigrette sauce as a salad. Add some chopped red peppers or grape tomatoes for color. Also you can reheat a second time and freshen it up with some just made Hollandaise sauce. if that's not your thing then just rebroil with some butter and sliced up Easter egg on top Add a sprinkling of newly grated Parmesan cheese.

Don't consider all those leftover Peeps and chocolate your meal for the next few days. If you have leftovers use them. There's plenty to do with all that spare ham , lamb and asparagus to create a second feast.

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