Thursday, April 2, 2009

Petit Fours The Perfect Dessert

Spring is the time for outdoor teas and afternoon lunches. The tiny sweet, the petit four fits this bill completely. They make the perfect dessert after sandwiches and soups. Although they are bite sized , they are rich with flavor. They are the perfect accompaniment to any tea or coffee.

Petit fours had their start in 18th Century France the words mean little oven. They were baked at the end of the day when the ovens were cooling down and there was some light baking still to be done. Petit four is an actually misconception of the term in American eyes. They actually include meringues, macaroons and tartlets along with cigarettes (those long, rolled up wafers). There are also savory petit fours. , little amuse bouches that are served as appetizers.

Anyone can make petit fours using a sponge or pound cake as the base. As the filling any raspberry or strawberry jam will do nicely or a think layer of butter cream. For the coating you can also do butter cream or the heavier fondant. You can also enrobe them in white chocolate as well. Decorating can be fun because you can create everything from flowers and buds for the Spring and even candles and wreaths for Christmas time.

Petit fours are a nice ending to any spring time tea or social. Buy them or make them yourself. Enjoy these flavorful little treats.

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