Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover Cuisine

Tonight and for the next eight days is the religious observance of Passover. The holy days have their own foods ; each with a special significance . Each dish has been handled down for centuries, some with modifications , others with the same ingredients from ancient times.

There are the traditional foods that symbolize various meanings. There is matzoh, the unleavened bread, that symbolized the Israelites quick flee into Egypt. Th Passover table also has horseradish and bitter herbs to stand for slavery's bitterness. Charoset, a, mix of chopped apples. nuts wine and cinnamon represents life's sweetness while a roasted egg symbolizes life. There are also vegetables and lamb which symbolizes hope and sacrifice. A bowl of salt water symbolizes tears shed while there are four glasses of wine on t he table one for Elijah.

Of course over the centuries additions have been made to the table. various countries such as Italy and Spain have added some of their influence especially with the Roman and Sephardic Jews. Flourless cakes and pastries are also included to give some kick to the meal.

A Passover table is one of the most symbolic tables . Each dish has a meaning that goes back eons . Yet every year it still remains relevant.

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