Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet My Peeps

Nothing says Easter like bright sunshine yellow Peeps. Thes emarshmallow shaped chicks have been a staple in many an Easter basket for a long, long time. They represent a fun time, full of innoncnce and freshness. Even if you've outgrown the Easter basket and Sunday best , you're never too old for Peeps.

How were the ppeps hatched. Thank candy maker Sam Born who introduced the sugary chicks as "Just Born" in the early 1910's. They started out as a bright yellow color, gracing Easter baskets and cake tops (you can also put them on a skewer to roast , looks like a mini rotisserie). Now Peeps come in white, pink , green, purple and blue for a more Easter-y festive look. The company expanded to bunny shapes as well and itroudced a chocolate mousse flavor Peep just this Spring

Nowadays you can buy other Peep forms for other major holidays. Halloween has white peep ghosts , orange pumpkins and black cats. Christmas has green marshmallow trees, gingerbread men and peppermint stars and Valentine's Day has pink and white hearts. Still nothing captures our heart s like those blobby big bottomed chicks with their pointy beaks and tiny bead like eyes. You almost want to cuddle one if you didn't feel like eating it!

For all you foodies out there, write in and share your Peeps memories with us. Even if you have ideas for turning them intoa fancy dessert, I'd love to hear from you.

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