Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter and Passover Treat Week

This is the week for candies and treats. Although Passover is also this Wednesday and like Easter, is serious, it does have its’ sweets. This is also the week to dig in early for all those Easter treats too. I’ll be writing about these luscious goodies from creamy Perugina eggs to melt in your mouth Manishevitz macaroons.

What to start off with ? Chocolate eggs. These are made by everyone from Dove to Hershey’s and have a fun pop in your mouth feeling. They’re based on Easter’s ancient symbol, the egg, symbol of fertility. Dove’s are smooth and creamy and come in both ,milk and dark chocolate. Hershey’s just comes in the milk but still just as smooth on the tongue as the other. (to be fair though Hershey’s has an Easter Kiss which is filled with coconut - a nod to the coconut Easter egg) These are wonderful filling up a basket or looking cute in an Easter themed candy dish.

The chocolate egg is one of the fun Easter treats everyone looks forward to this time of year. They’re the perfect little snack after an Easter dinner or just fun to munch on during an Easter egg hunt!

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