Monday, April 6, 2009

Coconut Egg That Perennial Easter treat

Nothing says Easter like a coconut egg. Loved by millions over the years, this candy was and still is the highlight of any Easter basket.Nothing compares with the mix of chewy, creamy coconut bathed in milk or dark chocolate (I think the darker the better) and then topped with a sugar candy lily. It also blends well with other traditional favorites like white chocolate and jelly beans.

Coconut eggs have been around for a long time. Candy stores originally made these from scratch , creating a kind of paste using cream of tartar , sugar and shredded coconut and then molding it into an egg shape. Milk or dark chocolate was then poured over it and decorations were later added.If you lived in northern New Jersey, two to one your coconut egg came from Hannah Krause chocolates and was freshly made.

You can still find homemade coconut eggs. Even Almond Joy has a neat coconut egg sixpack that has the traditional bar shaped as an ergg 9with the ubiquitous almond on top). Most candy stores such as Rocky Mountain have a gamut of them running from small to megalarge. There are even recipes on the web where you can make them yourself. If you're ambitious you can also make a coconut egg cake. Bake an egg shaped cake (preferably chocolate) split and fill with a butter cream coconut filling.Drizzle with a chocolate glaze or frost with fudge icing and then decorate with butter cream roses and stems.

Coconut eggs are very much a part of Easter and the joy of Easter candy. They're a sweet special treat that should be savored. Remember to go out and buy yours today!!!

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