Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Foodie Tricks

Yup, today is April Fool's Day , that day reserved for all you merry prankster's out there. There have been plenty of jokes involving food over the ages. All of us have either been at one end or the other of a joke involving food. There's so many good ones out there.

Who hasn't subbed in shaving cream for whipped cream? Then chortled with laughter as the eater realized what the cream really was? threw a pinch of salt in the sugar bowl or sugar in the salt shaker? At least one time in our lives this has been done. There's also the Tabasco sauce in the ketchup trick as well.

Remember the back page of comic books where send away magic tricks were advertised? Anyone remember buying the black or garlic gum? The first caused the chewer's tongue to turn pitch black. The second caused a horrific garlic odor seconds after being bitten. Talk about a good prank. Then there were the fake Fizzies .These were modeled on the real Fizzies, those big early 60 fruit tablets (similar to Alka Seltzer) that were put into to water to create a carbonated drink? Some wag invented the fake kind to produce nothing but black water that look liked watered down ink. Wonder if those are still being made today.

Anyway, be careful what you eat today. You never know who's been fooling around with your food. Happy April Fool's everyone!

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