Wednesday, March 11, 2009

White House Dictate Eat Your Veggies!!!

Once again Michelle Obama has set another trend. This time it's regarding fresh fruit and veggies. She wants all Americans, from the poorest to the richest to enjoy the bounty of America's' farms and fields. She's right. We need more fresh organic fruit and vegetables in our diets. It's the unhealthy canned stuff that plays havoc with our weight , and blood pressure. We should follow our First Lady 's example and incorporate healthier recipes in our daily lives.

The first place to begin are the farmer's markets. Even though this is only March, there should be a listing of local ones on the internet. I imagine in some warmer weather areas they're already starting up. For those around the New York City area, we'll have to wait for another month. (Most start up again in mid to late April or early May). If not, then check your grocery's fresh fruit and veggie section. There are a few greens featured right now that would go well steamed or even raw in salads. Consider introducing your kids to the more exotic veggies like kale and broccoli rape.Also don't discount making healthy pasta sauces, mixing tomatoes, and onions with olive oil over spelt pasta.Homemade vegetable soups, using your own veggie stock are also a good way of making sure your family receives the vitamins and nutrients that they need.

Fresh fruit is easier to sell to your family than veggies. Everyone loves munching on a banana or strawberries. Incorporate more fruits , especially during the summer months when everyone is more acitve. . Think about bringing watermelon chunks or grapes to the beach as opposed to chips and candy. Make ice cream less sundaes using various fruits like raspberries a sprtiz of chocolate syrup and low calorie whipped cream. Another good way to bring more fruit into your diet is make ades. Everyone loves an old fashioned lemon, limem or even an orange ade. These have less calories , chemicals and sugars than any drink out there and are much healthier for your family.

Michelle Obama has set a good trend by promoting organic fruits and vegetables. Follow her lead to give your family what they deserve -a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy what America has to offer in her bounty.

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