Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raise A Pint Of Guinness

Today is St Patrick's Day and the world over is hoisting a glass of stout this amazing saint and his amazing life. What will everyone be drinking? Hopefully Guinness , that wonderful brew that's more of a meal than a thirst quencher.

Guinness is one of the world's oldest breweries. It was started by Sir Arthur Guinness in 1759 in County Kildare, in a village known as Leixlip. It later moved to Dublin where it's been brewing a dry stout ever since. Stout itself has been around longer than that, first making its' appearance in the 1670' in Ireland. Irish immigrant brought it over and Guiness is now a staple of many American St paddy's Day celebration.

However you like it, don't over do it. Remember you still have to drive home and work tomorrow. Enjoy your pint of the dark stuff but in moderation.

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