Monday, March 30, 2009

Pizza The Old Fashioned Way

Mention pizza and images of bubbling hot mozzarella cheese come into mind. Yet the original or old fashioned pizza does not have this topping. In fact most southern Italian homes make theirs with out cheese. this is a recipe started by many ad handed down for generations.

Every one's usual concept of this Neapolitan treat is a large , flat circular pie covered with cheese with a thin layer of tomato sauce underneath.Yes, that's true in some cases but in some homes as well a s as in restaurants old fashioned pizza is made with a two inch bread topped with a thick , savory layer of tomatoes onions, olive oil and oregano baked until the crust is lightly brown. This squares are usually five by five or four by four inches. Sometimes olives are added for more flavor. The slices could also be served with a sprinkling of hot pepper and Parmesan for added kick. Usually the best way is piping hot form the oven with just the tomato sauce on it.

There is a phenomenal restaurant near me called Trattoria Napoli ( I reviewed them when I was s till a part time critic for The NY Times) . The owner and chef, John makes a mean old fashioned that has a chewy, bready middle layered with a vibrant tomato sauce . He mixes tomato chunks along with tomato paste and huge bits of onion to create a slice that's still delicious but not overwhelming in its' flavor. The old fashioned has scores of fans (including John's wife, Connie) and it's probably destined for a throw down with Bobby Flay sometime soon. Anyone can make their own old fashioned using a brownie tin, for baking, a thicker dough and a good half home made and half store bought sauce

An old fashioned pizza is the way to go. never mind with this honey crusted,new toppings on them. Stick with this one for flavor and texture . It's the perfect pizza.

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