Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marzipan, A New Take On An Old Treat

Marzipan is a candy worth revisiting. It's usually seen during Christmas and Easter in the shape of seasonal objects. Even though it''s tasty it's not a readily accepted sweet. Yet one taste of its' creamy sweet almondine flavor and you're hooked.

Marchepane or marzipan, amix of rose water and bitter almond paste, has it's orgins and meanings from different countires. It was first eaten by the ancent Persians and the Arabs. later it was brought to Spain by them and toItaly by Turkish traders. The Germans and Hugarians also lay claim to being it's orginators. Where ever it came from, it's was a treat, especially during Christmas and medeival weddings. Some European wedding cakes today have a marzipan icing .

You can by it already dyed and shaped, mostly at Italian bakeries in the US. You can also buy logs of it and mold and color your own shapes. Marizpan is a nice accompaniment to Easter candy and you can shape in the form of Easter lilies or any Spring flower. You can also create wonderful Easter eggs with it, by using dyes and nonparels.

Mais a wonderful treat. If you haven;t had it already go out and try some. It's not like today's overly sweet candy that hits you with a flavor burst. It has a subtle charm that steals your heart.

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