Monday, March 2, 2009

Food For A Snowy Day

Here in my part of North Jersey, we're covered under five inches of snow. I don't know about you but to me that means hearty eating.It also means a day of heavy snow shoveling which translates into intense exercise. What do you eat on a day like today?

Comfort foods! And not just any comfort foods. Stick to your ribs foods that will see you through long hours of driveway and walk shoveling or sleigh riding. It's a good day to break out the pasta and make some carbs for yourself and your loved ones. My favorite is pasta con burro ; spaghetti served with a simple sauce of just butter and garlic. It is easy to make a crowd pleaser in a house with kids. You could also make pasta with sauce (if you have too much work , just use a jar or a mix of tomato paste and plum tomatoes).Serve with garlic bread . Grilled cheese is another snowy day dinner. If you have tomatoes, ham and bacon around, add those to create a heartier meal. Also don't just use cheddar. If all you have is Swiss then use it for a variation of the French croque monsieur.

Soup is another cold weather pleaser. I've just discovered V-8's ( in conjunction with Campbell's) soups. These are fresh tasting, and relatively low sodium veggie soups. The butternut squash is my new soup favorite but there's also the tastes like it's just been picked broccoli and the tangy red pepper. Unlike other more watery soups,. they're thick and satisfying.These new V-8 soups have been my go to lunch and supper when I've been to busy to cook. Just heat up a box (yes a box) and then serve. For larger families use two boxes. I love my soups with a crusty roll and butter.

If you;re experiencing the Blizzard of 2009, (or just bad weather) load up on some rib sticking foods.These will get you through those hours of scraping ice, shoveling snow or just getting the kids out of their snow suits. .

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