Friday, March 27, 2009

Fish Foodie

Now that Lent is here and there's no meat on Friday , it's time to turn to seafood. To be honest I could never really understand why the Church didn't ban fish as well, After all they, like cows, sheeps, pigs and chickens are living things, with hearts, blood and brains. Yet they're the only acceptable meat on Friday for the next few short weeks.

Tuna fish is the fish of choice for most of us observing. It's less expensive than the other fish and goes well either in a salad or just plain with bread. My favorite is eating the oil soaked tuna with a good loaf of Italian bread. The bread's porousness absorbs the oil, leaving the meat fleshy and firm. It's also a wonderful taste. reminding me of a lunch in Cannes or Nice. Bumblebee has some new flavored tunas. I love their lemon pepper which is good over spring greens and veggies. I usually add a vinaigrette or Italian dressing over this for a low cal feast. There are also flavors such as sun dried tomato and basil along with spicy Thai chili. Any tuna is good in a mixed green salad and it's makes for a refreshing lunch or dinner.

If you're fishing around for something heartier there's always fish and chips. The problem with them in this country is they have to be done right. If the batter is too thin, soggy or oily then it leaves for a bad experience. The fish should be plaice or cod,. dipped in beer batter that can hold its' own against heavy frying. The end result should be a crisp exterior with a light flaky meat inside. Accompanying them should not be wimpy fries but wedges of potatoes that can stand up to malt vinegar and a good sprinkling of sea salt. Of course for people who still have their jobs and money, there's always lobster and shrimp. Even for those on a budget there the American classic chain restaurant, Red Lobster. Here you not only can get a decent treat but also have a salad plus the chain's famous cheddar biscuits thrown in too.

There are plenty of seafood alternatives if you're observing the no meat rule on Lenten Fridays. You can make something as simple as a tossed salad with tuna or go out for lobster and shrimp.The choices as varied and each are as tasty as a regular steak or chicken dinner.

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