Monday, February 23, 2009

Wake Up To A Homecooked Meal

Yesterday I made an actual homestyle breakfast. Yup, there were even biscuits and sausage patties. OK , the biscuits came out of a tube and the patties were soy but it was still a homestyle breakfast of sorts. Cooking a big breakfast is easy, especially if you have the time which I did (it was a Sunday).

Biscuits and muffins are th e perfect breads to make for a large breakfast. They're always good with honey butter or to sop up egg yolks. Biscuits go well with ham and bacon along with any kind of sausage be it patty or link. You can make breakfast sandwiches using them, adding a slice of mild cheddar along with a fried egg. Muffins are a great accompaniment to hearty three egg omelets and are more filling than just plain toast. You cam bake variations such as blueberry corn, or walnuts. If you;re having guests over a fun treat is a brunch filled small muffins; miniature versions of the usual mammoth kind.

Most people love eggs and they always play a big part of a homestyle breakfast. Scrambled eggs are good.they're easy to make and are perfect for large crowds. Vary them by tossing in some bacon or hash along with some cheddar. Omelets are good too. The Western variety require pepper and ham tossed in and you can also add some broccoli and onions too. Spinach omelets are also real crowd pleasers. For a fancier take on eggs think about strata. this is an Italian take on an egg dish.This is layers of eggs with veggies, crumbled sausage on a bed of cubed sourdough.

No homestyle breakfast would be complete without waffles and pancakes. it's pays to have a waffle iron because the homemade taste better and are fluffier than what you get from a box. Besides there's nothing like a hot off the press waffle covered in creamy butter and maple syrup. Pancakes are the same way. With these, try to create a foamy, batter for airier lighter cakes. You can add everything from fruit to nuts and make them in a whole range of sizes.

A hearty breakfast can be done. Your family and guests will appreciate the work you've put into it. You'll appreciate the down home flavor and goodness of it yourself.

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