Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rise Of The Mega Food Store

Americans love everything big. Houses. Portions. Even our kids and animals. It's no surprise that our supermarkets are huge warehouses , selling everything under the sun. here you can buy lobster, fresh baked bread, cleaning supplies and birthday cards. There's every kind of meat, cookie, veggie and fruit all under one enormous roof.

Yesterday my Mom and I visited a local Super Stop and Shop. I remember when these were smaller grocery stores, they still had a good meat and deli section along with an excellent selection of national brands. The new super kind surpasses it. We were agog with the vast of array of well priced cupcakes (24 for $14.99. That's like a little over a buck and a half each- excellent buy) and the variety of freshly made breads. They even have that rare loaf, the marble rye. Stop and Shop's deli counter looked like one block in length.Amazing. The store had long aisles full of any variety, generic and national brand. We only bought a few needed things, but promised to go back for a proper shop.

The rise of the mega grocery store isn't new. It's been happening here for the last ten to fifteen years. it probably has something to do with Costco, the company who has everything under the sun in a huge warehouse like building. the smaller chains couldn't compete with this (although you do need a paid membership to belong to one) and decided to enlarge. it seems we're the benefactors. Now chains like the A&P and Shop Rite along with Stop and Shop all have mega stores. These are great for suburban shoppers like myself who don't live within walking distance of a store. I can buy a week to two week sworth of food and supplies at these mammoth groceries. In the meantime I can pick up some fresh baked cookies, bread and fresh cut cold cuts for my dinner or lunch. They also have fried chicken , meatl oaf, grilled veggies and an array of salad s in case I want to o some entertaining.

The Mega food store is as much a prt of Americna life these days as voting or a bad economy. We love everyhing supersized things - including our supermarkets.

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