Friday, February 20, 2009

The Real Foodie Pantry

I just read a disturbing article in today's New York Times. The article told about laid off middle class people are relying on food pantries to survive. This is a sad sign of the times. Hopefully , this will end within a year. For the meantime, we have to deal with it.

If you are laid off an d have children, don't; feel that there's shame in asking for assistance. You and your kids need sustenance along with nutrition to stay healthy. If anything go for the fresh vegetables and fruits. These provide you with minerals and vitamins. Also beans are another good stock up. With these, you can make a variety of long lasting chilis and ratatouilles for your family . Make extra amounts so that they can be frozen for later dates.Pasta is another stock up. It can be used as the base for both Italian and Chinese dishes. Food pantries also have juice and cereal, much needed staples for little ones. Pantries are great places to get much needed bread, milk, and eggs. There is also some pet food there so if your cat or dog isn't on a special diet, then pick up cans or bags.

For any store owner or manufacturer reading this, please contribute to the food banks. if you're just the average citizen , volunteer in any way possible. Sadly, these harsh economic times call for our help , whether on a grand level or just something small scale. Do what you can. Think of the families involved who need that next meal to keep going. If you want have a food drive yourself where you can collect cans and tins from neighbors. Get involved in your kid's schools fund drives . Even spend a few hours a week at your nearest pantry , helping out.

It's jolting to see most Americans looking for assistance. These are hard times foodwise. We have to help each other out. Swallow our pride and open our arms. We can make life easier for each other.u

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