Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prepping For Love

I know today is the bicentennial twin birthday's of history's most instrumental men, Abraham
Lincoln and Charles Darwin, however we should get ready for another famous man who has influenced almost every age and generation. Yup it's time to celebrate his day.if you;re cooking for that special someone, it pays t o be prepared early.

You should be writing down right now what you want to make. Sometimes a few grilled steaks and some veggie constitute a romantic meal. Sometimes you've got to put a little elbow grease into it to create wonderful home made pasta followed by a heavenly chocolate mousse. The best bet is making what your beloved likes. If it's an elaborate recipe, then start grocery shopping tonight. Get any eggs, pasta, sauce, flour and extra sugar that you may need. There will probably be a rush of anything chocolate so buy now. If you're looking to cook fresh meats and vegetables go out early Saturday morning and buy them. The same applies for fruits.

Once you've decided what you;re going to be making, ask yourself if some things can be made on Friday night. You can bake tomorrow night and get any cakes, cookies and pies out if the way. The same is true with ice cream and even some tomato sauces. On Valentine's Day itself, you can start with cooking early on. If you're making homemade pasta the best bet is making it that afternoon so it's ready for Saturday night. You may also want to wash , peel and chop veggies.

Another point. Get that champagne early whether it be tonight or tomorrow night. It's the most consumed drink for Valentine's Day and some liquor stores may be out of your favorite brands. Keep it chilled until Saturday night and also keep an extra bottle of the stuff on hand.

While everyone is celebrating the genius of Lincoln and Darwin, start thinking about celebrating that other influential man. Saint Valentine. Make sure his day is full of love and good food.

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