Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Power Behind Power Bars

We've all eaten them. We've all been lured by the promise of low calories and a huge energy boost. What are these seductive little goodies? Power bars. yet are they a help or a hindrance to our daily lives and diets?

We have NASA to thank for their invention. The astronauts had to had something not only nutritious but compact to eat. Ingredients such as rolled oats and peanut butter were added for nutrition. Chocolate was added for the taste. Later on dried cranberries and raisins were added for more nutrition. Power bars are a mix of carbs and fiber which help. Personally I'd rather eat fruit as a pick me up. At least I know I'm receiving vitamins and antioxidants. The most I can get from power bars is a dose of calcium.

If you're still gung ho about eating them, then make them yourself. There are a few no bake recipes you can get on the web. With creating your own, you can add the ingredients you like. Add some sunflower seeds to the mix or dried apricots or plums. You do have to buy protein powder, available at any GNC chain or your local health food store.

Are power bars worth incorporating into your diet. That's your decision. If you're active and don;t have time for a proper meal, I ll say OK. Just don' make a habit of them. Everyone needs a meal, full of real food, full of vitamins and nutrients every now and then.

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