Friday, February 13, 2009

Lovin' From The Oven

Well,tomorrow is Valentine's Day and hopefully all you baking savvy foodies are busy with flour and sugar. Nothing says loves like a fresh baked treat whether it be a batch of muffins or a devil's food cake with rich , fudge frosting. You don't have have to knock yourself out. There's Pillsbury and Duncan Hines to turn to if you're a lousy baker.

What to make? Hey, everyone and I mean everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, even Pillsbury';s Slice and Bake kind. There's nothing like the taste of brown sugar and dark, bitter chocolate melting on one's tongue. Sugar cookies are good too. Use heart shaped cookie cutters and then dust with red sugar. A better deal is to ice them with pastel frostings and write cute messages on them. For a more sophisticated batch try gaufrettes, buttery thin wafers that work well with either coffee , tea or a sweet dessert wine.

If you want your valentine to start the day off with some love think about baking biscuits or muffins for breakfast. There are some quick mixes out there that you can create an almost immediate batch of them. they're also not that elaborate to whip up so you can spend your energy making other breakfast goodies. Fresh bread , although, not necessarily thought of as romantic, also makes a nice opener to the day. There's nothing like it to go with bacon and eggs or a big country omelet.

If you're planning on a full dinner for several, then think about making a cake or cupcakes. Red velvet, though a bit more complicated to make than the average is a perfect end for an informal gathering. A plain pound or Bundt cake served with fresh strawberries and cream (or Cool Whip) is a great way of ending a Valentine's meal.If you're throwing a Valentine's Day buffet, then think about ending it with chocolate and vanilla cup cakes iced in pink and white.

Show your love this Valentine's Day by baking your heart out. Have a batch of something hot and sweet waiting for your beloved.

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