Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get Ready For Oscar Night!!!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl of fashion and film. Yup, it's Oscar Night 2009. No matter who you;re routing for Winslett or Streep, Slumdog Millionaire or Milk, you still have to eat. These gatherings are a bit more amped up than the average get together. let's face it you're not going to slurp down champagne during the March Madness finales or eat caviar during the Razzies (award for worst movie of the year). Plan something fun tasty and a bit more elegant than average.

Oscar parties usually require some flair and dash. Most party throwers serve champagne or martinis to deaden the pain of watching the less important Oscar categories. You can also serve sangria if you're also going to serve paella. Any fruity cocktail is good. Serve it in a long glass with a slice of lemon or lime or with a sprig of mint. If you want, you can make a champagne punch too. Bellinis, that wonderful mix of champagne and peach nectar or juice is good with light fare. This is usually served with brunch but it's good with any light chicken dish or even chicken sandwiches. Of course you can go all Hollywood and Wolfgang Puck and serve fancy bottled water too for the designated drivers. (Ginger ale is also good. It looks like champagne when it's served in a flute )

What to feed your hungry movie critics and fashionistas? During these hard times you can nix the caviar but still serve elegant foods.Take deviled chicken , mix with mayonnaise and tarragon and serve on mini croissants. Bruschetta is another good party food. You can make it with tomatoes, vegetables or with cut cold cuts for different twists. Paella is good. It feeds a lot and everyone can have either big or small servings.

Desserts can be just as stylish as any Hollywood chef's can. Buy chocolate cups (or make your own. Melt chocolate chips and then coat cupcake papers). Fill with any instant pudding and fruit. Top with whipped cream or Cool Whip. Also a fun chocolate fondue wouldn't go amiss here either.

Sit back tomorrow night and enjoy the glitz and the glamour. Hoist a glass of your favorite champagne to your fave winning . Enjoy Oscar night in true Hollywood style!

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