Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dessert Bacon and Eggs????

There's a new trend right now with restaurant owners and chefs. It's taking breakfast ingredients and serving them up for dessert. The New York Times dedicated an entire article to it in their food section yesterday. There were even recipes .

I don't know about you but having a cup cake iced with frosting made from bacon fat is not my cup of tea. Yet there was a recipe for it , in Wednesday's Times. Bacon is good with eggs, (naturally) and on spinach salad. It's the right accompaniment for a cheeseburger or even criss crossing the top of a meatloaf. It just wasn't meant for dessert. I can understand dipping it in maple syrup with pancakes if you're into the whole sweet salty thing. There's also the comeback of the sweet omelet. Jam omelets are nothing new. I used to make them as a young cook but they weren't really popular in my house. Chef's take the leftover egg batter from French toast and cook it up. French toast itself can be an excellent dessert if served with fresh fruit and maybe a light syrup. That's about it.

Not to be left out cereals too are being mashed and crunched to be made into little cakes or the crust for pies. One recipe calls for the left over milk from a cereal bowl . Somehow I think I'll just stick with a Rice Krispies treat and a cup of tea for after dinner.

OK< foodies, let's hear your opinions. What do you think of this trend? Do you want a bacon and strawberry souffle to top off your meals. Or a chocolate chip omelet served over oatmeal toast?

Sound off here.

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