Friday, January 23, 2009

What Makes A Good Lunch?

Even worse than trying to find something for dinner is trying to find something that constitutes a good lunch. After all this is meal that has to sustain through the afternoon, crash periods and early evening. it should be tasty and nutritious yet not too heavy that we fall asleep around two or three PM. What's the best bet then?

To be honest my mom and I are of the same mind when it comes to a hot lunch. We prefer to follow our Italian cousins with a hot meal , one that's delicious and can carry us through to the six 'o' clock news. It can be pasta with salad, a filling soup, or a roast chicken bought from our local A&P. Sometimes, but rarely these days, we'll head to Wendy's or Subway for a fun sandwich Coke and fries. This is what everyone does and a daily dose of wreaks havoc with the blood pressure and puts on pounds. The secret is creating or ordering a meal you like , that has health benefits and won't screw up your dieting. It may sound like an impossibility but it can be done.


Order healthy meats like grilled salmon or chicken either as a main course or in a mixed salad. If you are intent on salad, avoid the croutons and heavy dressings like Russian or French. Try lighter oil and red wine vinegar or light olive oil with a squeeze of lemon or lime.Keep the bread down to a minimum one or two slices (especially if Italian or French is served with it) and pass on the butter. Wine is good with a meal however don't down a carafe the afternoon of the big business meeting. Just plain iced tea or if you must, diet soda to wash everything down. End with a piece of fresh fruit like a pear or banana if you crave something sweet.

Figuring what makes a good lunch should be a no brainer. Settle for dishes that will keep you satisfed and full along with being tasty and nutritious.

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