Saturday, January 3, 2009

To Drive The Cold Winter Away

Today's title come from a Loreena McKennett album (I'm one of her biggest fans). It also means the warm food and drinks we have to drive the winter away. Yes it's January and we need that extra dollop of heat to keep us from turning into Popsicles.

What to eat? Spicy chilies are good and easy to make. Add a extra flip of chili turning it from a one alarm to a three alarm. You can also heat up your hot cocoa this way too. Make Mexican hot chocolate for yourself by using Droste plain cocoa powder and a pinch of chili powder. Add a drop or two of hot water to make a paste, some sugar to taste and then the hot (not boiling ) milk. You may have to experiment with this to get the taste right . The first time may result in a five alarm drink. Another heat generator is curry. Curry powder lends a wonderful taste to beef, chicken or vegetables not to mention keeps you toasty.

January is the month for , comforting soothing soups and stews. You can make creamy corn or lobster bisque's for a delicious hot supper. Add toasted bread and a salad and you're good to go. A big slow cooked pot of beef stew is not only perfect on a cold snowy day, it's also nutritious. Add some carrots , leeks, onions and turnips for needed vitamins and minerals. Make dumplings to go with it to create a dish that will stick to your ribs.

Don't let the cold temps get you down. Warm up with some hot drinks and hot food during this January. Treat yourself to yummy foods that will certain drive the cold winter away.

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