Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy Day Projects

There's nothing like a snowy day to drive you crazy. The kids are home and restless. You;re home and restless. What's a foodie to do? Cook! Or bake!Or create something fun everyone will enjoy snacking on.It keeps them from wall papering the cat and gets them to enjoy the kitchen.

Baking is the easiest and the most fun activity on a frosty day. There's nothing like a batch of fresh cookies after time spent shoveling or sledding. Always have a roll of cookie dough in the fridge for when the kids are bored. Let them slice and bake the batch themselves if they're ten or older. Cupcakes are another fun choice. They're easy to bake and fun to decorate. If you're planning on this then buy confectioner's sugar along with food dyes and candies The little ones can have a ball decorating the cupcakes til their hearts' content. Candy making is fun especially for the 'tween set (and it'll stop them from playing the Jonas Brothers nonstop) Haystacks are easy to make using just the microwave , semisweet chocolate morsels and coconut (The recipe is in my entry on candy making). Bark is another fun candy and easy to make. melt semisweet pieces with some water . Add some almonds slivers. Spread on waxed paper or a greased cookie sheet and let cool. Break into large pieces. Peanut brittle is also fun to make and it just takes sugar and water cooked to the hard candy stage and then poured over peanuts in a greased brownie dish.

If the young'uns want to experiment more switch them over to dinner time. A fun supper is hot Pillsbury bread sticks dipped in [pizza or marinara sauce. (this is actually a Pizza Hut classic). You can bake the bread sticks in the toaster oven and buy a jar of sauce. Grilled cheese is another fun treat. The kids can add ham , bacon or tomato to their sandwiches or substitute American with cheddar or even pepperjack for a spicy spin. Scrambled eggs are easy to make and can be made fun. Add cheddar or bacon bits. or slice ham and serve on large slice s of sourdough bread. if the kids are adept then have them make hamburgers or hot dogs for a fun day in.

Let a snowy day i n be a blast in the kitchen. Turn those housebound hours (and days) into training time for young chefs and bakers. All of you will be glad you dud.

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