Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Nice Hot Sandwich

Nothing beats a hot lunch during these cold times. There's something so satisfying as oven fresh meat on bread slathered with gravy. Not only that , it gives you fortification when you're facing a hard day and freezing temps.

Sandwiches began with the Earl of Sandwich wanting something quick and fuss free to eat during his time at the gaming tables .His cook's creations were a variation of the hot sandwich, cold roast beef on toasted bread. The first real hot sandwich was the BLT, a variation of a Victorian tea sandwich. Move to fifty years later when diners are all the rage in America. They were the first to serve hot open faced sandwiches, using roast and turkey along with ladles of gravy.

Other countries have their variations on this. Italian has the hot pressed paninis while the Cubans create their version , full of hot pork and ham. The French have that yummy fried cheese, the croque monsieur which is a lovely blend of Gruyere cheese and ham fired golden brown in butter. (they also have a croque madame which subs turkey for the ham).

However you slice it there;s nothing like a hot sandwich on a cold day. It;s the perfect buffer for those cold temps and an empty, growling stomach.

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