Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Foodie , Heal Thyself

Guess what, gang, Little Miss Eat This , It's Good For You has not followed her own advice. I am suffering from a killer cold and I'm thinking partially due to not eating enough Vitamin C. This is the time of year when catching anything runs rampant. Gird yourself, fellow foodies and prepare for a long, sneezy, coughy winter ahead.

Stave off a cold by eating foods rich in Vitamin C. I know this is the oldest adage in the book but it's true. Supermarkets have oranges and grapefruits piled high. Buy one or two for yourself for the week. Use your juicer for fresh made juice. Remember that you can use orange and grapefruit juice as marinades and a substitute for vinegar in salads. Pineapple is one of the fruits highest in the vitamin. Get your hands on some for a healthy snack. For veggies tomatoes, broccoli and potatoes (yes potatoes!) give you some dose of Vitamin C. Add more tomatoes slices to your sandwiches or make a tasty bruschetta for lunch. Also think about baked potatoes lavishly topped with broccoli and cheddar for a relatively healthy meal (OK, so the cheese spoils it , but the cheese is rich in calcium).

Once you embrace your cold, then stick to foodie comfort foods. I am living on soup, popsicles, and juice right now along with hot oatmeal for breakfast. That orange that's sitting on my table with be added to the mix today too.

If any of you fellow foodies are sick or starting to get even a sniffle, heed my advice. Eat healthier to prevent getting any kind of crud.

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