Saturday, January 31, 2009

Foodie Fumbles - Super Bowl Party Blunders

Tomorrow is the big day. No, not the Super Bowl itself but the parties attached to it. With every get together there will be fumbles and major accidents. Like your favorite team players you just have to be prepared for anything going wrong.

You have to be on the ball for cooking, especially frying., If your chicken wings do get a tad burnt, spritz some lime or lemon juice on them to mask that charred taste. Try adding some more cayenne pepper to them . You can also drench them in barbecue sauce. Or if they're basically unsavable, then run to your nearest fast food place and just order their wings.

What happens if the outdoor grill doesn't light and you can't dole out those burgers and dogs? Grill or fry them inside. If there's not enough room, use the microwave for the hot dogs. Okay, so they 'll have that bland taste but have guests pour on enough relish, chili, sauerkraut and/or mustard to hide that. If you run out of meat , then go out and get some cold cuts for quick sandwiches.

Avocados got too rotten for the dip? Then take the remaining onions and tomatoes, put into the food processor along with hot sauce and serve salsa instead. Sour cream gone sour for your onion dip? Use plain yogurt instead and get the same results. Spinach dip gone too thick and over cooked?A half cup of milk should fix that.

Don't worry if your party has a few fumbles during tomorrow's big game. That's to be expected. Just be prepared and quick on your feet to remedy any problems. Do what the pros do. Recover quickly and get on with it.

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