Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Special Delivery

Even though Christmas is two weeks away you can still have food delivered to yourself or family and friends. The question is do you? Some companies do make a tasty product. Others make you wonder why they stayed in business in the firs t place. There's really no trick in finding the
best company with the best product. Sometimes it's good to go n recommendations while with others just cross your fingers and just click.

One of the safest foods to choose is fruit. Apples and oranges won't disappoint (unless they come rotten or wormy). Any kind of nut is good as is popcorn. You know what to expect with these. Cakes and cookies can be a little dicey. The catalog or online description may say one thing. The actual taste may be other. Luckily I've had good luck with the cakes I've ordered from .They came moist and redolent of cinnamon and butter. They were never stale and never crumby or dry. I've also had luck with all sorts of candy and vegan products (this last is from a great website . I have yet to order regular meat and cheese on line. Sauces are another item that won't disappoint. The web site, Ginger People, has provided me with some yummy ginger laced barbecue sauces along with marinades, cookies and candy. I can't buy their stuff in my local A&P so I have to rely on their shipping.

What websites will work for you? That's your decision on what you like to eat and to give. Again sometimes it's a trial and error , sometimes it's best to read what people have to say about these products. If you want togive any food for X-Mas, order now and press guaranteed Christmas delivery. Also popular items may be sold out and the company may wait until after New Year's to restock. (this rarely , if ever happens, yet some companies feel the need to reorder after January 1st).

If you want a special treat this holiday then go to the web and find it. It should arrive to you just in time to give to yourself or to family and friends.

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