Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Eve's Appetizers

New Year's Eve means a party and every great one has great food. It doesn't have to be celebrate. You can create some really good hors d' oeuvres and keep guests full and happy. The trick is to have just a few. Use ingredients that will appeal to every one's tastes.

Pressed for time? Bruschetta makes a quick and easy appetizer that's filling and tasty. Simply toast Italian or French bread slices then drizzle on olive oil followed by a chopped tomato mix. You can add a slice of salami or provolone cheese.for a different spin. There's also a vegetable bruschetta for a variation. Another hearty appetizer is a mini pizza. Again , use thinly sliced Italian or french bread, add a dollop of pizza sauce and olive oil and cover with shredded mozzarella. Put under the broiler or even in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Any kind of puff is big. serve guest the ubiquitous cheese puff. If you want to give them some spice sprinkle with some paprika or a dusting of ground almonds. Chili is a surprising appetizer especially if you serve it on crackers or in shot glasses with a tiny spoon.

For cold hors d' oeuvres, try cold kabobs. You can put any kind of cold cut on a skewer along with veggies and cheese chunks. Vary the combos. You can have ham , Swiss cheese and pearl onions or chicken, tomatoes and mozzarella. Put out individual dipping sauces for those who want to add something extra to their snack sticks. Plain veggies with any kind o f dip are also a good cold snack. Their also healthier for your guests as well. Small finger sandwiches are another way to go. Use pumpernickel or rye along with flavored mayos and ketchup to give the sandwiches some zing.

Make your New Year's party stand out with tempting appetizers. Create a mix of hot and cold to satisfy every one's tastes. Ring in 2009 with happy, sated guests.

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