Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Minute Goodies

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that’s when most foodies around the world will be settling down to a sumptuous meal. The problem is do you have what you need to prepare a holiday meal for tonight and tomorrow? If you’re shaking your head right now, then run to your grocery store.

You probably have your main dish along with the sides right now. Do you need anything else? Sea salt? Cracked pepper? These may seem like small things but they add oomph to such party foods as deviled eggs and vinaigrette. Do you have enough cream cheese for the stuffed celery? What About sprinkles for last minute baking? Or the chocolate sauce for the special edition peppermint ice cream? Is there enough cocoa and milk for Santa’s thank you snack? Is there enough egg nog and rum for your own midnight treat when you watch the services from Rome? Make sure you have this and also make sure your stores have these as well. A lot of supermarkets won’t stock up until the 26th or they’ll be closed. Buy everything today.

A good idea is to take stock of everything you’re going to cook and bake and then write a list of what you don’t; have. It makes that last minute grocery shopping easier and you can map out your shopping route when you’re driving over. Bring someone with you to help cut down on shopping time. Don’t quibble if the brand you want is out of stock. Substitute. While you’re at it buy extras of what goes quick, like rolls and soda. Remember to also stock up on breakfast items, like eggs and orange juice if you’re having people stay over.

Christmas is the time of last minute surprises. Don’t turn them into bad ones by being ill prepared in the kitchen. Have everything on hand for the next two days of holiday merriment and feasting. Consider it a gift to yourself and your family.

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