Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Plans

Now that it's December first , it's time to start thinking about how to plan out this busy , food filled month. Remember to start writing down your game plans. After all this will be a hectic four weeks. There's holiday shopping along with [present wrapping, parties to go to and parties to throw. Toss in a day spent on baking and you're well stretched.

The first thing to do is think about what kind of meals you want to have for the big holiday. Do you want the traditional ham (if you're German) or turkey? Are you going to be celebrating Christmas Eve with thirteen kinds of fish (like the Neapolitans of Southern Italy) or will it be Hanukkah with latkes and sour cream? Also will these celebrations include friends and family? The immediate family? Coworkers and boss? In the meantime how do you feed yourself and your family good food that's healthy yet quick to make?

Once you have that conundrum worked out, then it's time to arrange shopping trips. Of course, buy fresh meats ,fruits and veggies the day of the party or at the very soonest the day before. Stock up on holiday themed napkins, plates and utensils along with table decorations when your stores have big sales. If you have an extra freezer or a pantry , buy canned goods that you can easily heat up. Also stock up on frozen hors d"ouevres because this is the season when they'll go quick.

If you're having your parties and dinners catered, now is the time to contact the caterers. Sit down with them and explain what you want and when. It's also a good time to go over to your local liquor store and take a look at their various wines and champagnes. If there are sales there , then buy one or two cases. Alcohol will keep and it's better to be overstocked than under any day. Pot luck dinners require planning as well. After all you don't want five trays of baked ziti and no Swedish meatballs. Talk with your guests and ask what they want to bring.Avoid duplicates and assign courses to them. (such as appetizers, salads, main meal, desserts, etc).

This is the time to start mapping out your holiday cooking battle plans. Make sure everything is done to the letter. It'll make for easier kitchen time and memorable feasts.

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