Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Gifting

This was supposed to be published yesterday, December 5th. The $%$##% site wouldn't let me publish this!

What to get a foodie for Christmas?

There are so many things. One we love to cook so gadgets, and even small appliances wouldn't go amiss. Personally I'd love to have some silicone bakeware and a small panini press. There are many who would love Caphealon skillets and frying pans.

Food gifts are always perfect. There are some new items out there like absinthe lollipops or red velvet cupcakes. Sometimes the old school stuff like homemade fudge or a pecan kringle are also good gifts.Cookbooks are another good idea. There are so many out there that it's fun to pick and choose. There are also blank recipe books where you can fill in favorite recipes (see Borders Bookstore for this)

No matter what you give us , it'll always be appreciated. Actually the best foodie gift of all is donating your holiday time to a sou p kitchen or giving money to a food bank.

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