Monday, November 10, 2008

Yolato Gelati A Fat Foodie's Dream

I've discovered the Yolato stand at my local mall. For anyone this is a great treat, frozen yogurt in a variety of different flavors. For a fat foodie like me this is a dream come true. It's low in calorie and high in taste.

What this gelato is frozen yogurt done in the gelato style of ice cream making. The sorbets are great because they come in traditional flavors like raspberry and lemon but also come in punchier ones like pink grapefruit (a must try ) and watermelon. These are also low in calories with the first two being only 120 a cup while the latter is 140 a cup.

The yolatos themselves are anywhere from 150 to 170 calories. The flavors are amazing and have a richness about that. Try the hazelnut which tastes as good as any of the ones I've had in Italy. The chocolate is very good as well. There's also a tiramisu and the unusual green tea and seasonal pumpkin. At some Yolato stands you can also purchase yolato bars and cakes.

If you have a Yolato in your neighborhood , visit it. You'll get a premium gelato or sorbet without feeling guilty. It's the best treat our there for foodies watching their weight.

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