Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Sides Are You On?

Thanksgiving is the time of sides. No, not the faction that you;re with family or friendwise but those extra little side dishes that had flavor to the dinner. Everyone has their favorite from the rich green bean casserole to pearl onions.

What makes a good side? It's a dish that complements the main one, in this case turkey. Green veggies are always a good choice. They are perfect for those watching their weight and aren't filled with calories or fat. You can make everything from collard greens to snow peas. Usually the best way to prepare a holiday side is to just sauteed with some butter or margarine, sea salt and some cracked pepper. You can add a little minced garlic or shredded thyme or oregano. Don't have a side dish that's too overpowering otherwise it will eclipse the main one.

As for potatoes, yes they make wonderful sides. Yet ask yourself do you want to serve them with stuffing and rolls. Homemade mashed ones are 237 calories a serving while baked ones are 290. Add on hefty desserts and you've got yourself a holiday fat explosion. If you;re looking to eat healthy then , stick to cooked carrots or string beans. Still craving taters? Then go with the much healthier sweet ones that come in at only 157 calories without the butter or marshmallow covering.

This holiday , if you can go crazy on all sides. They add to your meal , making the turkey stand out even more.

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