Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kitchen Caution - Foodies Beware!

Well, my fellow foodies I may be in hospital for a few days. Why? Because of a simple blister that happened from a quick brushing with a hot . Strange but true. I know have a red hot, swollen index finger all because of simple carelessness.

For all of you who like to cook, you should always have a certain respect for your kitchen.Be careful around sharp knives and don't be distracted when you're cutting , slicing chopping or dicing. Always have oven mitts on when dealing with the oven and even the microwave.I have a tendency to just quickly grab a microwaved dish with my fingertips. Bad idea (on second thought , maybe that's how this Blisterzilla started). If you don't want to use the mitts, then a thick towel will do.

Another thing is be careful with all kitchen cleansers. Make sure that little ones or pets don't get to them. Keep your Comet and Bon Ami safely hidden away. The same goes for surface and glass cleaners. Don't keep bleach out in the open in your kitchen either.This is the most dangerous and should be in a pantry or in your basement.

Also any good foodie chef or even part time cook should have a kitchen safety kit. A box of bandages and Neosporin will do fine. This helps with those small cuts and burns that do occur. Stay clear of any old wives tales remedies. These may cause more harm than good.

I don't know when I'll be back at this blog. It may be several days. I don't know. Just wish me luck and be more careful than I was in the kitchen.

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