Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Feasting

Tomorrow is the day when American foodies go wild and feast like crazy. However there are some parts of the world that also have great dinners, full of delicious meals and sumptuous courses. All account for memorable meals and enjoyable times.

Maybe it's from their Etruscan ancestors or Roman influences but the Tuscans of central Italy know how to put on a good feast. Not only do they have pasta but also roasted boar and piglet to round out the meal. There are also soups and salads as well along with various flatbreads the Tuscani are known for.

On the other side of the world the Indians make luscious feasts too to celebrate weddings. There is always nan, along with a multitude of curries and kabobs. Chicken is done up several ways , in creamy sauces or sometimes grilled. There are Indian sweets to finish the meal off with.

Of course in America we're a country of foodies. We love any opportunity to throw a party whether it's for the Super Bowl or Christmas party. We love our summers of endless barbecues where four or five different meats are grilled or birthday parties where favorite foods are given to the birthday boy or girl , then finished off with a gooey cake. It's just who we are I guess.

Enjoy tomorrow's feasting. Take it easy and savor all that's on your table. Most of all be thankful for what you have.

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