Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Food For The Holidays

This is going to be a back to normal column. I'm feeling somewhat better and can finally type up a storm. What I'm going to write about today is good holiday food. Yes, you know the stuff of memories and legends.

What makes a special dinner special? Well the obvious answer is TLC and love but let's face it, it's really the food. It's the way a turkey skin is so crispy and salty straight from the oven. It's the way a fresh baked pie smells as it's cooling on window sill. It's the way Madagascar vanilla beans perfume a Christmas cookie dough.

What constitutes a memorable meal? Top quality ingredients. Remember that when you shop. Even during these rough times you can still find top of the line fruits and vegetables as well as meats and baked goods.Be judicious that's all and try not to go for stuff that's too over processed or canned.Also take care in your cooking and baking. Don't rush. If you're not into this whole holiday meal thing then eat out. It beats making a lousy meal during a limited time allotment.

This holiday season take time and effort to create your best meal. This is what makes it memorable It's intelligent choices and hard work that will make it a standout dinner.

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