Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get Ready For The Baking Season

December 1st is just around the corner and that means the prep season for Christmas baking. The number one complaint of all bakers is that they have to make time to buy ingredients. If you start your arsenal now, then you will have all the minutes needed to create those holiday batches.

The most important ingredient is flour. Stock up on it now. Some grocery stores are offering buy two for the price of one so buy as much as you think you’ll need. Another ingredient worth keeping up on is sugar both granulated and confectioner’s. You’ll need one fro baking and the other for icings. What else should you stock up on ? Chocolate chips in all sizes along with nonpareils, and sprinkles. You may also want to buy some oatmeal raisins, peanut butter and shredded coconut. Also think about adding some Baker’s chocolate (Unsweetened bars) as well as cocoa mix such as Droste. You can stock up on milk, butte rand eggs a few days before you bake.

This is also the time to look over your cookie sheets and cutters to see if you need new ones. If the last is plastic and cracked you can always buy some news ones at your local dollar store, grocery store , Target K-Mart or Wal-Mart. Check your spatulas to make sure they can handle stiff cookie dough. Buy a timer if you don’t; already have one as well as cooling racks. If you’re making brownies or bar cookies, look over your baking pans to see if they’re up to snuff.

Another thing is decide whether you’re going to bake alone or need help. Carve out a day in your calendar and devote the whole day t o baking. This way you’re not multitasking or rushed to finish your baking project quickly. Get help if you need it. Delegate and write down who will do what for a smoother operation.

The holidays will be here sooner than you think (or even wish for that matter). The demand for sweets will be great. Get your self ready ahead of time for the big baking project that lies ahead of you.

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