Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fresh, Healthy Veggies

This is the time of year to eat right to stay healthy. That means incorporating more vegetables in your diet. The problem is the frozen stuff - well - it's the frozen stuff. There's no taste and thanks to processing all those vitamins and minerals have been eroded away.

What to do ? Buy fresh. Yup. Do what your grannies and great grannies did. Get carrots with the tops still attached (you can use these as mulch later on) Buy those heads of cabbage. Unprocessed vegetables will be a boon to your family. They'll get the e full impact of all those good things , such as Vitamin C, folic acid and betacarotene.They'll also appreciate the unadulterated taste too. So many processed greens don't have a strong flavor. Unfortunately we've had to load them up with unhealthy cheeses, and sauces to make them palatable. Just prepared dishes won't need those crutches to make them dinner worthy. Their true taste will come out; making them irresistible.

Cooking fresh vegetables is an easy feat. Spinach can be left to simmer with a few tablespoons of water over a low flame. You can add a teeny bit of sea salt and cracked pepper to bring out its' earthy flavor. Yams can be cooked over a grill or even roasted in the back yard. Cabbages can be shredded and quickly stir fried for a tasty side to pork, beef or chicken.

On your next shopping trip, bypass the frozen food aisle. Head straight to the veggie section and pick out some fresh , healthy vegetables They're a brilliant and sensible way to protect your family against winter ills.

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