Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dressing For Success

What makes a memorable salad? well the veggies that go into it , to be sure. There's also the extras such as the, eggs, croutons meats or fish that go into it. However it's also the dressing that can make or even break a salad. It has to be the right mix of oil and vinegar or just enough mayo and ketchup combined to create the perfect French dressing.

Creating the perfect salad dressing is not for novices or for anyone wanting an easy way out. You have to use the right ingredients and just enough so that every piece of lettuce is lightly coated.It's usually two to three tablespoons of red wine vinegar to half a cup of olive oil. If you want you can also had small pinches of rosemary or oregano to add some zing. For a more robust dressing substitute the regular vinegar with balsamic. Go easy with this. Balsamic has an overpowering taste and can ruin an entire salad if there's too much of it.

Creamier dressings such as Russian and French are more to personal preferences . These are good if you're eating a chef salad and want something creamy to go over the various meats and cheeses. Ranch dressing is also a good foil for more involved salads. It has a cool taste that works well with grape tomatoes and broccoli bits.

Like a cake with a good icing, a salad with a good dressing is a must. it has to be the right mix of various ingredients to give boost to any bowl of mixed greens.

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