Friday, November 7, 2008

Casual Friday - Eat Whatever

Fridays have gone casual even in eating. What used to be a restrictive day for Catholics (fish only) and some other religions is now just relaxed as any Saturday. Some office allow their employees to work during their lunch hours to get out early. Some work places offer free breakfasts and lunches as a way of saying thanks. Anyway you look at it, Fridays are days to gear up for the weekend and enjoy food.

All you can eat buffets are big with everyone on the last work day of the week. That's the day I usually go to my local one and I've noticed a swell in customers. There's no waiting for a table when I've gone on a Tuesday or Saturday with my Mom and brother. It seems people want to celebrate the end of their work weeks with a big plate of chicken or shrimp. I've also noticed longer lines in some of my town's fast food joints. There may be a recession but people still want that Friday treat of a hamburger , fries and a Coke. I'm sure there are folks who are still brown bagging it. Hopefully they're putting little luxuries like avocado salad or Dove chocolates in those little brown bags of theirs.

Another trend is eating out Friday night. It was always a traditional night to send out for pizza or Chinese. It still is. My favorite pizzeria reports that take out sales are brisk during this night. Food courts are packed and not just with bored teens. It seems now entire families from grandparents to the stroller set are chowing down at their local mall.

Fridays are now associated with anything casual. That includes eating,from buffets to food courts. This is the new way of celebrating a hard week of labor and toil.

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