Monday, October 27, 2008

Mellowcreme Pumpkins Halloween's Sweet Treat

Along with candy corn mellowcreme pumpkins are one of the symbols of the Halloween season. They're fun reminders of childhood when we used to stuff a s many as we could in our mouths. They're also the fun decoration atop many a Halloween cupcake, to be taken off and eaten later. They even rank higher on the likability scale than their close cousin - candy corn.

Mellowcreme pumpkins were probably invented around the same time as candy corn, around the late 1800s' or early 1900's in Chicago. The pumpkins are created from corn syrup, honey and probably fondant and then poured into molds. orange and green dyes are added to give them their coloring. Candy companies such as Brach's put them in their candy corn mix where they're eventually picked out by mellowcreme pumpkin affectionados.

There's nothing like a good mellowcreme pumpkin. How here's the foodie question of the day- how do you like your pumpkins? Plain from the bag or on top of a Halloween cupcake (where you can get a extra sugar high from attached frosting). Let us know here at Foodie Pantry.

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