Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Cake

Yes, today is my birthday (it's also Samuel Taylor Coleridge's birthday and the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar).I've decided to dedicate today's entry to the birthday cake. We all have good memories of them.

The birthday cake has been around since ancient Greek times when they made simple cakes for each other. They had to be round like the sun or the moon to celebrate "the circle of life". Also the Greeks put candles on them so that they would glow like the moon. Our wish making comes form them as well because the Greeks believe that the smoke could carry wishes and prayers to the gods. The 16th Century Germans also picked up on this but believed that one single taper in a cake represented the light of life.
We still carry these customs to this day. Another custom is smearing the celebrant's name on the cake so that the wish will come true.

If any of you out there has a good birthday cake recipe share it with us. I'd love to hear about your memories of butter cream roses or birthday cakes shaped like castles.

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