Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eat Healthy For Flu Season

You've probably either received your flu shot or are looking to get one in the upcoming weeks. As always this is a good preventive step to a healthier fall and winter. However what you eat is also important in your battle against germs.

Try to incorporate a lot of Vitamin C in your diet right now. This will help you battle colds and strengthen your immune system. What to eat to get it? Plenty of citrus such as sweet oranges and tangerine. Other fruits such as pineapple also have it.Some veggies are also loaded in it as well. Eat plenty of artichokes, avocados, corn , pepper and kale to get it. Another important vitamin is A which helps promote healthy skin and hair and more importantly mucous membranes. Eat plenty of peaches, tomatoes watermelon squash and spinach to help maintain a high level.

If you're not a big fruit and veg eater Like some of my friends)force yourself to incorporate at least one a day to stave off colds and flu. Have tomatoes and spinach in your salad. Try making a healthy ratatouille on weekends or a completely meatless week day dinner. Instead of snacking on chips , try apple or pear slices or dried slated peas. Nut such as peanuts and almonds are loaded with important vitamins as well. Have a snack of peanut or almond butter on crackers or a slice of whole wheat bread. fruit juices are also good. You Can make your own for a much healthier version or buy the organic kind. Try to stay away from soft drinks and heavily creamed or sugared coffees and teas.

Get your body armed for any invasions by militant germs. Eat healthy now and enjoy a winter without sniffles or sneezes.

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