Thursday, October 30, 2008

Caramel Apples _The Best Halloween Treat Ever!

There's nothing like scoring a caramel apple on Halloween. It and its' cousin, the candy apple, are the best treats out there. There's something satisfying about that first crunchy-soft bite; that perfect blend of candy and fruit. Even as adults we go wild for them.

The caramel apple had its' origins in Britain's toffee apple. People were munching on some form of this in both the US and England as early as the late 1800's.Putting a sugar glaze on any fruit isn't new. That concept goes back to medieval times. Putting that fruit on a stick was. Enrobing apples in caramel was nothing groundbreaking yet a Kraft salesmen, Dan Walker , made it into a big thing during the 1950's. Moms across the country created them for their little Halloweeners, using - what else - Kraft caramels and Macintosh apples. Now it's become a holiday standard.Caramel apples are created in almost every house as well as being sold on every farm stand in the country.

Here's a poser for you foodies out there. How do you like your caramel apples? Purist plain? Covered in nuts and chocolate chips? Looking like a strange creature wrapped in coconut? Write in and let me and our other fellow foodies know.

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