Friday, October 24, 2008

Atlanta Bread Comapny

I recently discovered Atlanta Bread Company on a trip to one of New Jersey's most beautiful towns, Madison, New Jersey. Madison already boasts an amazing restaurant row , full of chain and privately owned eateries.I was just looking for a quick place to eat and found this gem.

Atlanta Bread Company or ABC is sort of like a larger sized Au Bon Pain. However, unlike the former , it specializes in all sorts of homey, baked goodies. I couldn't resist the cinnamon raisin loaf which was promptly torn into upon arrival home. It is chock full of cinnamon and light on the raisins (which to me is a perfect mix). I love the fact that it was lightly dusted with confectioner's sugar. ABC also sells banana nut , and cranberry (not listed on their on line bread list) Of course they also sell regular breads such as crusty baguettes, sourdoughs and ryes.These looked fresh and wonderful. I bought their shortbread and chocolate chip cookies too. They looked too scrumptious to pass up.

Ah, yes, and the real reason I went into ABC was to have a light dinner.The restaurant has a wide array of soups , salads and paninis. There is a choice of five soups and I chose the vegetarian vegetable. This was a satisfying and hearty blend of different veggies in a vegetable broth. There was also onion soup, and chili amongst others to chose from. ABC also has a good selection of sandwiches (a definite must try on my next visit) along with paninis and a pretty good kid's menu.

I was already in love with the town of Madison but eating at the Atlanta Bread Company really cinched the deal. I will be back in the Rose City for Christmas shopping. My restaurant of choice? The Atlanta Bread Company!

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