Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Raspberries - A Late Summer treat

Surprisingly enough you can still go berry picking this month. September is raspberry season. This is the time of year when the late summer warmth produces another round of ripe sweet, berries., If you missed the first season back in June , then make sure you don't miss this one.

Raspberries have been around for over 2,000 years. They were popular in Roman ruled Britain with the agriculturalist, Palladius wrote about them in his journals.The red ones were imported to New York in the 1770's by the British while the black variety were indigenous to our Southern states (in fact North America is the only continent that produces them). Both are rich in calcium and Vitamin C. Not only that they are tasty, leaving a sweet, sensual flavor in your mouth.

Raspberries are good paired with almost anything and everything. My favorite is Delicious Orchard's Raspberry Jam on croissants. It just turns this elegant treat into something that's pure heaven. You can also use raspberries in reductions for any game fowl or even sprinkled on salads.Take freshly crushed raspberries and mix them with oil and vinegar for a raspberry vinaigrette.As a dessert think about spooning some over a rich devil's food cake or chocolate ice cream. Raspberry ice is also a lovely way to end a meal. Raspberries also look good decorating cupcakes while icing with them is perfect for any simple chocolate cake or cupcake.

Now is the season to pick raspberries. They'll be quite ripe under a late summer sun and bursting with flavor. Use this September to pick your finest basket of them!!!

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