Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Healthier Foodie

Recently I've been asked to help out with a vegan booth at a local health fair. This should be interesting for me. As much as I love the occasional bacon cheeseburger I do realize a meatless diet is sometimes a better choice.Luckily there are some great soy products out there the market.

as much is soy is good for you it does have a down side. Too much can raise the risk of breast cancer and it can be more fattening than meat. However there are a lot of pluses to a soy burger as well. Boca burgers and Morningstar fakin bacon can lower cholesterol as well as creating a healthier diet.If you're put off by these , just gradually ease them into your meals. Maybe have one or two meatless days a week.Another idea is mixing tofu fake beef crumbles into chili or marinara sauce to get acclimated to the taste and feel of tofu. Just don't go cold turkey (pardon the pun).

If tofu isn't your thing then add more vegetables to your diet. Squash can be made into the main food of a meal. You can slice it into chucks that can be grilled with heart healthy olive oil. Ratatouille is another good meatless and healthy dish. It's chock full of tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini along with garlic. Stuffing onions with celery is another good veggie dish as is stuffed peppers with tomatoes and chick peas.

Be a healthy foodie and eat well.Stay away from meat a smuch as you can and have a better diet.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Again Technical Difficulties


Yes again I'm experiencing technical difficulties (grrrrrrrr!!!!!!) Hopefully I'll be back up tomorrow with an all new column. In the meantime eat and drink happy


Saturday, September 27, 2008

That American Classic - The Bake Sale

Endless schools and teams around the country will be hosting that tradition that usually starts in the fall. What is it?

The bake sale.

This classic has been around for decades possibly starting at voting booths. After choosing their candidate voters paid for a light, sweet snack of cookies or pie along with coffee tea or lemonade. Girl Scouts also had bake sales to raise cash as did various school clubs and groups. Now it's almost fall must to head over to your local one and sample home baked sweets.

Don't despair if you're tagged for a bake sale. Even the worst bakers can whip up something reasonable and tasty. A quick and easy treat are slice and bake sugar cookies. Toss on a few sprinkles in the school or team colors and you've got an instant hit. Another quickie entry is a cream pie. Use a prebaked pie shell, Fill with instant pudding and then cover with Cool Whip or Redi Whip. Muffins are another easy contribution and there are some very easy microwave recipes concerning these.Of course what bake sake wouldn't be complete without chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. these are easy to whip up.You can decorate them with powdered sugar for a classier spin or top with fresh made butter cream icing and decorations.

If you love to bake then consider snickerdoodles, those common classics that are always big sellers at any bake sales. Giant chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies are fun to make and good to sell. Any sweet bread such as banana and zucchini are also top sellers and guaranteed to bring in cash. If you're really ambitious think about making an old fashioned layer cake with home made butter cream frosting.

This is definitely the season. They're a fun addition to any one's fall schedule along with being a great stop to indulge your sweet tooth.make sure you have a few minutes to go to one and help out a team or a school.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Nice Bowl of Soup

It's getting to be the time of year where a hot bowl or mug of soup is appreciated. Luckily there's so many different kinds fo soup to make and each one can be filling.Another good point about soup is that it can be frozen for future use.

What's the most popular soup? That's undoubtedly debatable. Persinal favorites of mine are minestrone and pompesit. the family's breadcrumb soup from Piedmont in Northwestern italy. I also love Manhattan clam chowder as well and consider it a treat when I do get it.

What do you readers like? What kind of soup or bisque floats your spoon? This is going to be an open column with anyone writing in.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hot Drinks - The Adult's Security Blanket

During these times of financial unrest it's nice to know there''s a place we can go to for comfort. the first thought would be under the covers but the actual answer is our local coffee shops. Nothing soothes a troubled mind and soul than a good cup of something hot.

It's tough to give up those three and four dollar lattes when our pockets are empty. Yet, we need these whipped creamed , spiced or mocha-ed javas to get us through one rough day after the other. Let's face it. There's nothing like a quick run to the local Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts when the chips are down or when we need some kind of hug. Hot coffee or even a chai tea warms us and gives us a mini vacation from our everyday lives. We forget about the report that had to be written yesterday or the client from hell. The liquid, so sweet , so smooth , so seductive just slides down our throat into an empty heart. Yup, that's what it is. No wonder we crave it so much.

I think the same could be said for hot cocoa. This is a trip back to childhood innocence. it's the liquid equivalent of cotton candy or a corn dog or a candy apple. It takes us back to a time, when our moms had a cup of steaming Ovaltine after an afternoon of sledding or ice skating. The sweetness and the pure chocolate taste comforts us. You almost want to curl up for a nap with your favorite stuffed animal after you drink a cup.

There will be a lot we will have to give up. The expensive highlights, the fancy car , the weekend jaunts to exotic places. We'll be forced to stay at home - not having enough money to even see a movie. Yet there will always be time for a hot drink.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After School Snacking

That time between coming home and dinner always proves to be a problem for kids. They're starving from a long afternoon? A part time job or sport has left them drained and hungry. Dinner wo;'t be ready til six thirty or even seven. What to do?

Snack sensibly.

The kids don't have to go wild with Hostess cupcakes or with a bag of chips. Have food that will give them a boost, fill their tummies and keep the weight off. Veggies are always a good choice. have a container of cut up broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and grape tomatoes ready for dipping. As for dipping sauces a really heart healthy one is olive oil liberally laced with hot pepper flakes. If your kids are into spicy they could some cracked pepper too. Plain yogurt mixed with curry or cumin is another good dip.

Sweets are almost always the preferred snack of choice. However cookies and candy may not be the best choice. if your young'uns do want sugary then slice up an apple and pear and serve with a caramel sauce (Marzetti's brand is good)A hot sweet snack is a microwaved baked apple with cinnamon and apple juice. They can be served with a side of zero calorie Cool Whip. Frozen grapes are another fun snack. Freeze them that morning and then have the kids eat them at four or five PM/. Fruit smoothies are filling and tasty. They're easy to make and the older kids will appreciate them.
Also have some healthy granola bars to stave off any hunger.

After school snacking doesn't have to be unhealthy and fattening. Your kids will love a heart healthy , tasty snack to get them through to dinner time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's Make Some Bread

Now that the cooler weather is here it's time to get back into baking! There's nothing like a loaf of fresh homemade bread to make any autumn meal special. You could start with a simple loaf for move on to more complicated ones.

A good loaf bread is easy to make and delicious to eat. Quick loaves are the easiest way to go. They're good otasted for breakfast or as a quick dessert with butter or cream cheese. Banana bread is the easiest because you can mak e it in minutes and only takes less than an hour to bake up.You can try the old standard date and nut bread. Another good one is a cranberry bread made with cranberries and walnuts.Simple nut spreads like walnut or almond are always good and a slice of one is a great way to start the day.

This falll get back to baking fun and tasty loaf breads.They're simple to make and fun to enjoy

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hearty Fall Dishes

Now that it's fall it's time to think about heartier fare. Gone are the literal salad days of summer. Now you can enjoy creating a full meal without a hot kitchen to bother you.

If you're not much of a cook but still would like to make something hearty then think about stews. These are easy to make and don't require a lot of effort.For something different consider adding spices to it like cloves or even cumin to give it a more exotic taste.For a more complicated dish the try making the French cassoulet. This is a melange of beans, pork and duck . Another variation involves chicken and bacon.

Any pasta dish will be rib sticking and something the whole family will love. If you want add steak bits or cut up chicken breasts to the sauce to make it more substantial. You can also keep the traditional chopped meat but substitute lamb, veal or pork for beef. Cannelloni, a crepe type of pasta is another good fall entree. You can make the meat or the spinach version for your hungry crew.

This is the season to get back into the kitchen and cook!Prepare a meal that is not onyl hearty but that will get your family through this cool season!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Night Snacking

There's nothing like spending a Saturday night at home. it's a good time to rent a movie or catch up on the shows that you missed during the previous week. The problem is that with this comes hunger. What do you do? Snack.Well more appropriately snack healthy. Try putting some vitamins and minerals in that indulgence.

Popcorn is always the snack of choice. It's good for you and full of fiber. You can jazz it up with some seasonings like cracked pepper, curry powder or cinnamon for a different snacking experience. Another fun and good for you snack are pretzels. Have a big bowl of them (whether they be stick or the traditional shape) along with mustard. have smaller bowls of the honey or white mustard along with the traditional yellow kind. They're not only low cal but tasty and fun.If you're bored with these then try pita chips with hummus. Tortilla chips with heart healthy guacamole is also good. Guacamole is easy to make and it tastes so yummy!

If you must have ice cream limit yourself to one scoop and plenty of fresh fruit toppings. You can still buy strawberries and even peaches. Slice these and put on top of your scoops. A better sweet treat is an ice creamless banana split or sundae.Pour any kind of syrup over fresh fruit and serve with zero calorie Cool Whip.

Tonight park yourself in front of your TV. Have your favorite snacks present and enjoy your movie and shows. It's a great way to relax and indulge.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dutch Cooking

Holland is known for a lot of things: The Hague, Anne Frank's attic, and don't forget legalization of prostitution and marijuana. It is not known for its' culinary cotributions (well , except for cookies). yet it is hardy fare,s trong like the Dutch people themselves.

Mostly The Netherlands is known for its' cheeses. We all are familiar with the creamy Edam and nutty flavored Gouda. Spiced cheeses are also popular. The Dutch are big on their version of sauerkraut as well.

Like their German neighbors, the Dutch have a sweet tooth. They make several different kinds of cakes and fritters for the holidays as well as having chocolates and fondants.

Dutch cooking reflects its' people. It is hardy.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Treats

There's nothing that says fall like the smell of fresh fried doughnuts or the vibrant glaze of a jellied apple. This is the season when farms bring out all sorts of goodies (and not just pumpkins and Indian corn. Take advantage of what's out there.

During this season enjoy what your farms have. Some will be getting cheddar wheels in from Vermont and Wisconsin . Treat yourself and your family to a nice wedge. This is the perfect cheese for grilled cheese as well as just plain on toasted French. Another farm treat is honey which is good in tea but also excellent for baking. Some stands have their own bake shops that are known for not only doughnuts but apple crumb cakes, pies , and large cookies. Also take advantage of the homemade fudge brownies they'll have as well as the breads.

Candies play a big part in farm merchandise. A few will have divinity fudge as well as the old fashioned cocoa walnut. Be on the lookout for maple candies too (as well as fresh maple syrup). The big draw (besides the pumpkin picking) are the candy and caramel apples. These are usually fresh made with apples from the farm's orchards. By some for now and then some for later. Of course there will be fresh fruits such as apples and pears. get your baskets of them for some fall desserts.

This autumn, take a stop at your local farms. There are so many good foods waiting for you. You can have your choice form homemade pies, to candy apples to cookies to doughnuts,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food of Africa

Like Europe and Asia, Africa has a wide variety of cultures and cuisines.What makes their food so special is that mnany countries do not have an abundance of it. Unlike the other continents, famine is rampant. Yet , despite this , every area has a weath of dishes that are unique and flavorful.

African cuisine ca nbe divided into regional rather than by separate countries. There's north, east, central, south, and west. The North is facing the Meditererenean and like it's European neighbors of Italy, ,Greece and Spain, there is an abundance of olive sand olive oil. North Africans eat many rice dishes and there are an abundance of spices in the cuisine.East Africa is influenced by them along with East Indian cooking. They too have dishes that are flavored with cardamon and cinnamon and mostly all have a side of rice.East Africans also have ugali , a polenta type corn mash that is used to sop up stews and gravies. Saffron and pomengranate also are popular and much used flavors there too.Unike the Muslim North, the East Africans do have pork in their diet along with chicken and lamb.

The continent is also a study in the traditonal and the foreign. Central Africa is possibly the most untouched of all the regions and therefore has the purest. One standout out dish is a savory spinach stew made with fresh spinach leaves, peppers and onions., The only foreign influences there are tomatoes, chilis and peanuts - sad reminder s of Central Africa's link with the slave trade. South Africa is by far the most worldly of all the areas. It is inflkuenced by the Dutch, french,m english as well as the East Indian and Asian. It is called the rainbow cusines because of the rich variety of dishes and flavors.

American Southern cusine has West Africa ot thank for its's origins. Sadly, this was the area where most of the indigenous people were taken into slavery. Their cooking influneced the way the South ate. They brought their love of fried foods as well as yams, sweet potatoes and black eyed peas. The West Africans also eat a polenta type dish known as fufu. Fish is also on the menu and it is usally cooked in oil and then flaked. The West Africans also produce a wine made from fermented palm leaves.

Africa has just as many varied and rich cuisines as Europe and Asia. Unlike these continents it has to endure famine and hardship. Yet it produces some of the best dishes in the world,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back In The Pantry Again!!!!!

Hey everyone,

It feels good to be back in the pantry again!!! My prehistoric computer of 8 years finally went to techie heaven and I was stuck! I'm working on a laptop right now (big adjustment) but I'll be able to write more informative entries for all you foodies out there! There's a lot to write about to be sure. I wanted to cover African and Dutch cuisine along with fall favorites but couldn't. Now I can and give you the same good quality foodie info as before

Tomorrow I'll be writing about the various tastes of the African continent.



Saturday, September 13, 2008

Technical Trouble

Sorry everyone.

Dues to tecvh trouble there will be no entry (or column or whatever today.) Hopefully the problem will be fixed by Monday.

Eat well.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home with the family

Since it's September 11th I'm not going to write about the usual. I'm just going to tell you guys to share a meal with your family and friends today. Enjoy each other's company and be lucky you have a country that appreciates your rich culture and traditions.

Also if you have the time, have a coffee with a friend you haven't seen. Hang out with cousins, aunts and uncles, along with grandparents and godparents you don't see as often as you'd like. Bring them their favorite doughnuts or treat them or the last batches of Italian ice. laugh over old times. Plan fall weekends where you can go apple picking or enjoy an early autumn beach.

Remember - always make however small the meal together special.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

Giess what classic has been reinventing itself? Not no th e sacred Oreo although that would be a pretty good guess. It's the Hershey's Kiss.All of a sudden you can now get it in "flavors"!

Hershey's Kisses were born in 1907 and got their name possibly from the sound of the chocolate being extruded from the machine that made them. Up until recently they were just solid milk chocolate. Now they come in solid dark, mixed with white (the Hugs)) or with cherry , peanut butter or truffle filling. As much as I like the original I really love the cherry and peanut butter. The cherry is reminiscent of the Cella's brand of chocolate covered cherries and the peanut butter is a notch above Reese's Cups (sorry Reese's).
There are also cookie Kisses which are kiss shaped cookies either filled with chips or sprinkles. These are OK.

What I just found out is that you can special order the kisses with different tags.Getting hitched? Then order the ones with the JUST MARRIED tags sticking out of them. Having a baby? You can get pink or blue foil wrapped ones with the appropriate messages. There are even birthday , congratulation and thank you kisses. These would be th e perfect party table treat at a shower or party. You can only order these from Hershey's.com/kisses.

Well I guess Casablanca's them song isn't true. A kiss isn't just a kiss anymore. It's something more. A special candy that' just reinvented itself

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Season of Squash

OK, so it's after labor Day. Can you still eat summer squash? Or does it have to be like wearing white? A faux pas? What about winter squash? Do you only eat it in January or on a snowy day? The answer is no. You can have squash anytime you like.

This native American vegetable comes in sixteen (yes sixteen !!!) different varieties. The most popular is the acorn squash, a staple of fall cuisine. This can be baked and the shell usually filled with butter. Another popular type is the spaghetti whose innards resemble the pasta. In fact for a very healthy "pasta" dish, try spaghetti squash with various sauces. Remember that squash in high in potassium, folate and Vitamin A and always low in calories.

Zucchini , that garden must, is the squash most people eat in quantity. My Piedmontese relatives as well as my Mom make fried zucchini flowers. These are either dipped in a crepe batter or bread crumbs and quickly fried in butter. They can also be stuffed (this ls a favorite in nearby Provence). More mature zucchini can be sliced and sauteed in garlic and oil. This makes a tasty and nutritious side and also can be easily frozen.

Don't save squash for just one season. You can eat this veggie all year round to appreciate its' taste and nutritional value. Eat winter squash at the end of summer if you want and summer squash during the season's first blizzard.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Picky Eaters - A Mom's Nightmare

What happens when Junior or Missy refuses to eat green beans or go on a campaign to just eat yellow foods? Most moms would tear out their hair. Others would just let it ride and try to find a way to accommodate these picky eaters. Sometimes the best path is to make breakfast lunch or dinner fun.

Breakfast sould be an easy meal. Yet many tweens and teens have schedules as hectic as their parents. Sometimes they'll just go for a granola bar or even a cup of coffee from the local Starbucks. Try to make on the go foods for them like breakfast burritos or cut up fruit. Sometimes just a cup of enriched hot cocoa will do it. For those watching their weight , then make egg white omelets , chock full of good for you veggies or just plain scrambled whites . They can have it on whole wheat toast for an easier meal.

Lunch is another matter. Picky eaters sometimes do "trades " for a better looking meal. If that's the case then amp up their lunches. Think about adding chocolate chips to crunchy peanut butter or a spicy lo cal ranch dressing with some veggies.Instead of cookies have a piece of fresh fruit with a dipping sauce. Another trick is to have them make their own lunches so they can add their creativity. It's also a good way to track their changing tastes too.

Dinners should be sit down affairs. As with lunch let them help cook. It'll give them a sense of pride as well as whet their appetite for experimentation. Another idea is put a spin on traditional foods. Add bacon bits or garlic to the mashed potatoes.Try a tangy sweet sauce for a condiment for roast chicken. Add Parmesan cheese to the meatballs if you're making spaghetti and meat balls. With vegetable dishes, let them add what they want to them to make the good stuff more palatable. Maybe do something fun like have a theme night such as Mexican Fiesta or Chinese Lantern party. For weekends, think about doing a breakfast for dinner where everyone can have waffles scrambled eggs and bacon for the later meal.

There are a number of ways to make any meal time fun. You just have to see what your picky eaters are not picking at and then take it from there. Soon you'll have them eating everything off their plates whether it's breakfast , lunch or dinner.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Storm Warnings - Hurricane Preparedness

This is the season when the East and Gu;f Coasts are always beset by hurricanes. Sadly enough the late summer is interrupted by these forces of nature. Anything could happen. Are you prepared?

First of all empty your fridge if you have to evacuate or the power goes out (which it always does)Get rid of anything that's going to turn fast like dairy products or meat. You don;t have to empty the freezer as well. It should remain cold during a black out if no one opens it. If you have basement freezers (which I'm sure some of you have) then unplug them and also empty because your basement may be come flooded. Power could go out and you'll wind up with pounds of rotten meat. Try to keep as much bottled water , bread , peanut butter and jams for quick meals. Also think of tinned food such as Spam to eat.

If you have to be evacuated, bring food with you. That also goes for your pets as well. bring a few cans of wet food for your dog or cat along with dry. Also have plenty of water for everyone. Make quick PB or deviled ham or chicken sandwiches to keep you going. As for snacks a bag of pretzels is also good too.

This storm and hurricane season be food prepared. Do what you have to to get through this tough weather,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Meals On The Go

September means busy schedules and meals literally on the go. Your Saturdays may well be spent on the soccer field or at your hiking club. With this comes the question what to eat and where. The best and most nutritious bet is make your own meals and tote them with you.

Sandwiches are the easiest to bring along. They're quick and simple to make, store and eat. There's minimal fuss. For variation , bring along wraps or pita sandwiches that you ad your family will enjoy. You can make peanut butter and jelly pitas for your little soccer stars to eat. A nice wrap that has turkey or chicken along with fresh chopped veggies is another easy but vitamin enriched meal. Regular old fashioned sandwiches are also a good choice. The best ones are often the hero style , with your favorite meats and veggies on a cut up baguette. These are even great for those weekends at the beach where you want a simple but filling picnic lunch. Also pack some sandwiches for those drives to see early fall foliage. There are always rest stops where you can take a break and refresh yourselves. Also this is the season to really enjoy nature up close. Pack some hearty ham and cheese on pumpernickel in a backpack and go a walking!

Soup is also another good take along, especially as the weather progressively becomes cooler. They're easy to put into a thermos and take with you. Plus a cup of hot minestrone, tomato or chicken is revitalizing to get your though the rest of a busy day. Nix any salads. Pack some veggies if you want or a better choice is the season's apples and pears.

What to drink ? Soda is good but you may want to stick with lemonade or iced tea. Carbonated drinks tend to bring on thirst quicker.Also if you're lucky to have it already a thermos of ice cold, sparkling cider is always good. Water is the surest bet when you're engaged in any activity. It hydrates quickly and you' don't need to drink it as often as with a flavored drink. Have a thermos of something hot, whether it's ,tea, coffee or hot chocolate to finish off the meal.

This fall, you'll definitely be on the go somewhere. This means eating in the car, on the sidelines or in the middle of nature's fall beauty. Have a simple meal ready t o keep up with your busy schedule.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chili Days Ahead

Ok, now that work and school are in full swing , it's time to think about quickie meals. Your best bet is something you can make on the weekend, serve it then and then turn it into Monday's , Tuesday's or even Friday's leftovers. What's an easy dish to make in quantity ? Chili!!! This is a simple dish to whip up along with being hearty , tasty and satisfying. You can serve it over sliced corned bread one day , and with rice the next time a few days later.

Chili probably originated in Chihuahua, Mexico or around the Baja Peninsula during the 1840's. First served free in cantinas this was a quick and easy way to feed hungry patrons and get rid of all left over meats. It became more and more popular north of the border. the first mass produced and canned chili occurred in 1908 in - where else - Texas. Chili is also that state's official dish.

There's all sorts of chilis, from vegetarian to deer meat (LBJ's favorite) to one using white beans. You can regulate the heat by the amount of chili powder thrown in. Some friends of mine insist on making a four alarm one. This is great if you want the roof of your mouth burned off. Stick with making a more palatable one. The milder ones bring out the flavors of the tomatoes , beans , meat and onions. Just a pinch will really be sufficient.

My mom makes one of the best in the e world Enjoy this vegetarian version with family and friends.

1 pound vegan chop meat
1 clove garlic
1 onion chopped
1 can of kidney beans
1 can of tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste

Brown meat and onion first in oil iver a medium heat. Add tomatoes and garlic. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Add spices and kidney beans and let simmer for forty five minutes to an hour.
Serves four comfortably. Leftovers can be store din freezer ready containers and then later microwaved for two minutes.

PS write me about your favorite chili experience and win a prize . Write to this blog or at my e mail LIZRWRITER@aol.com

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Raspberries - A Late Summer treat

Surprisingly enough you can still go berry picking this month. September is raspberry season. This is the time of year when the late summer warmth produces another round of ripe sweet, berries., If you missed the first season back in June , then make sure you don't miss this one.

Raspberries have been around for over 2,000 years. They were popular in Roman ruled Britain with the agriculturalist, Palladius wrote about them in his journals.The red ones were imported to New York in the 1770's by the British while the black variety were indigenous to our Southern states (in fact North America is the only continent that produces them). Both are rich in calcium and Vitamin C. Not only that they are tasty, leaving a sweet, sensual flavor in your mouth.

Raspberries are good paired with almost anything and everything. My favorite is Delicious Orchard's Raspberry Jam on croissants. It just turns this elegant treat into something that's pure heaven. You can also use raspberries in reductions for any game fowl or even sprinkled on salads.Take freshly crushed raspberries and mix them with oil and vinegar for a raspberry vinaigrette.As a dessert think about spooning some over a rich devil's food cake or chocolate ice cream. Raspberry ice is also a lovely way to end a meal. Raspberries also look good decorating cupcakes while icing with them is perfect for any simple chocolate cake or cupcake.

Now is the season to pick raspberries. They'll be quite ripe under a late summer sun and bursting with flavor. Use this September to pick your finest basket of them!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cherished Memories and Recipes

Who hasn't relied on their Mom's lasagna or their Gran's advice for cutting vegetables? Family recipes are to be cherished, much like that of photographs and hand made items. The most important thing to do is cherish what you've been given - and that includes any dishes that have been passed down to you.

For a fun fall activity , collect all your recipes and make them with your kids. There's bound to be a dish from your childhood that you'd like to share with the next generation. Also it's a good time to organize your recipes as well (check Borders or Barnes and Nobles for recipe scrapbooks). Consider making these for the holidays. After all what person wouldn't want to have their family's special pie recipe to finish a Thanksgiving meal or those snickerdoodles wrapped up as a Christmas gift? Even get together with your siblings or cousins to recreate the meals you had when you were growing up.

Cherish all that's been passed down to you. This includes the recipes,aromas and tastes that shaped you as the foodie you are today.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day , Everyone!!!

Enjoy this holiday with a big blow out for summer 2008!!! Barbecue those last dogs , enjoy a beach or lake picnic. Just relax!

Fall is going to be busy , especially here at Foodie Pantry. There may be write ins, contests (finally -yay!!!) and all sorts of fun food puzzles and facts.


PS remember that Labor Day's is a day dedicated to workers. Remember the wait staff, cooks, chefs, and even grocery store clerks and managers who make your eating experiences memorable.

Also for all my F P fans in the LA/MS region - hold tight. You've got that admirable Southern spine of steel that I envy. Don't let that miserable rain cloud Gustav overpower you.